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Chrysler Portal Concept Reveal

FCA debuted an all-new concept vehicle, the Chrysler Portal, at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The creative direction of the reveal kit was selected to best appeal to the demographics of the show’s attendees, and to clearly define the vehicle’s envisioned purpose and target segment: the “next generation” of family transportation, electric powered, highly connected and automated, designed to bridge the gap between home and work space, and created by millennials, for millennials.

Information on the vehicle – intended for media and other influencers – was made available via an interactive website that detailed the inspiration, rationale and development of the concept, as well as its key attributes, features and specifications.

Printed URL cards were distributed to show participants, and links were also posted on FCA’s media website.

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Chrysler Portal Concept Interactive
Chrysler Portal Concept URL card