Warrior Institute

Warrior Institute for Rehabilitation & Optimal Conditioning

Warrior Institute, a non-profit in Gainesville, Fla., is dedicated to improving the lives of military veterans suffering from PTSD and/or TBI through recreational therapy and biofeedback. We initially offered to donate our services to design and develop a website, using existing content and graphic elements. The scope of work quickly changed.

The organization was originally called “WIROC,” an acronym of its full name. We convinced them to use Warrior Institute instead, because it better described their target audience, was easy to enunciate, and didn’t sound like a radio station’s call letters. This drove the development of a new logo and identity system, which represents a core principle of the organization: We’re here to help others learn to help themselves, not to do it for them.

A great deal of effort was spent identifying and clarifying key messages, making sure all content clearly communicated their goals and services to potential participants, contributors, influencers and supporters.

We eventually did end up doing their website, and a whole lot of other stuff during the process. Seeing results, and getting to know some of the participants along the way, has been extremely gratifying.

Brand & Marketing Strategy / On-Site Support / Brand Identity System / Brand Marketing Applications / Naming & Tagline / Experiential Graphics / Print & Interactive Design / Web & Social Media Development / Research & Copywriting / Illustration / Video / Project & Content Management

Printed Brochure / Warrior Institute .org website / Promotional Materials



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Warrior Institute
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