FCA Full-Line 2017

2017 FCA Full-Line Media Information Kit

FCA’s 2017 full-line product kit provides in-depth media information on all brands and vehicles, and includes sections on safety, technology and corporate, as well as high-resolution photography and video. The interactive USB was given to media at a full-line event held prior to the new model year product launch, and was updated and distributed at other events during the year. A Canadian version in two languages was also developed as a website.

A great deal of time and attention was dedicated to the navigation and layout of the interactive piece, making sure that users found it intuitive, succinct, consistent, and that desired information was easily accessible. Packaging was produced in nine different colors representing each of the brands and key functional areas, and housed a large capacity, bracelet-style USB.

Brand Communications & Strategy / Digital Assets Management / Editorial & Content Management / Interactive and Packaging Design / Interactive & Web Development Project Management

Interactive USB in Acrylic Packaging / Website (non-U.S.) / Event(s) Signage/Information Materials