Conventional Carpet, Inc.
Corporate Identity

As one of Michigan’s leading suppliers of commercial flooring, Conventional Carpet (CCI) had a branding challenge. Established almost 40 years prior, and having achieved steady growth, the company evolved with their industry. What was once used for the majority of commercial projects — carpet — had become just one of a large range of materials and techniques suitable for high visibility, high-traffic applications.

The client felt the company name might skew the perception of what their products and services actually were, and also understood that their visual identity was sorely in need of an update. In the end, it was decided to retain the name due to its recognition in the industry, and to focus on updating the visual identity, with emphasis on the CCI acronym, both visually and verbally.


  • Brand Identity Design & Implementation
  • Print Design
  • Web Design & Development

New &

A new visual identity system was applied to stationery, fleet vehicles, facility signage and electronic media, as well as use of the related geometric elements in appropriate applications. A high percentage of clients and influencers are from creative fields related to commercial interiors and architecture, and the new branding has resulted in numerous unsolicited compliments, as well as increased sales inquiries and traffic to their site. Last calendar year was the best the company ever had in total sales.



  • Logo/Brand Identity
  • Website
  • Fleet Identity
  • Marketing Materials
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