Jeep® Compass International Product Presentation

At the time of the U.S. reveal of the all-new Jeep Compass, FCA also conducted several “deep dive” product briefings for international media — both visiting, and for those in various global regions. Communicating and disseminating this information in accurate, clear and concise fashion was key, as international markets were determined to be critical to the vehicle’s overall success.


  • Brand Communications
  • Interactive Design
  • Presentation Design
Jeep Presentation

editable and

The presentation was easily transmitted, editable and adaptable to language needs and unique product changes specific to other geographic regions.

Jeep Presentation
Jeep Presentation


We created an 80+ slide PowerPoint presentation, including video and effects, that was used as the basis for numerous versions around the globe


The overall graphic theme was harmonious with other announcement materials, and was carried through in subsequent global communications and marketing initiatives.

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