2020 FCA Full-Line
Media Information Kit

FCA’s 2019 full-line product kit provides in-depth media information on all brands and vehicles, and includes sections on safety, technology and corporate, as well as high-resolution photography and video. A web key, providing access to an interactive site, was given to media at a full-line event held prior to the new model year product launch. The site is updated on an ongoing basis as product revisions occur during pre-production, and the kit/web key is distributed at other media events during the year.


  • Brand Communications & Strategy
  • Digital Assets Management
  • Editorial & Content Management
  • Interactive & Packaging Design
  • Interactive & Web Development
  • Project Management

media info
of all brands

Packaging was produced in seven different colors representing each of the brands and key functional areas.


  • Webkey
  • Lanyard & Holder
  • Website
  • Event(s) Signage
  • Information Materials
Cutout Two


Site traffic is consistently high, with positive feedback from multiple users as to the quality and easy accessibility of content.

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